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BBL Forever Young – BBL is an innovative light-based technology that sets new standards for treating skin conditions associated with aging, active life-styles and sun damage. BBL light energy allows your clinician to design treatments personalized for your skin and precisely treat age and sun spots, small facial veins, and many other skin defects. BBL phototherapy is noninvasive so you can receive comfortable and effective treatments to fit your schedule, even on a lunch break.

BBL Forever Clear – BBL for the use in Acne Treatment utilizes light to destroy or minimize P. acnes bacteria, reduce inflammation, and minimize over production of sebaceous oil glands.

BBL Forever Bare – BBL is an innovative light-based technology that utilizes pulses of light energy to gently penetrate into the skin and specifically target, disable and destroy unwanted hair follicles. This noninvasive treatment is a comfortable and easy treatment for the age old problem of unwanted body hair.

Microneedling with SkinPen – Hitting reset on your skin can be as simple as a 30-minute microneedling treatment. SkinPen creates micro-channels (microscopic holes) at a rate of 1600 per second. These wounds stimulate your skin, kicking its healing process into high gear. Best of all, SkinPen doesn’t rely on heat or chemicals, so the results are natural and safe for all skin tones and types.

SkinPen rejuvenates from the inside out for younger looking skin.

  • SkinPen is the first FDA-cleared microneedling device.
  • SkinPen is proven safe and effective, delivering results that last up to six months.
  • SkinPen is a quick-and-easy treatment with little to no downtime.
  • SkinPen is proven to improve the appearance of acne scars and wrinkles on the neck.

PRP Microneedling with SkinPen – For optimal results, add PRP to your microneedling treatment. Using the patients Platelet Rich Plasma to stimulate the production of collagen, PRP helps to reduce fine line, wrinkles, and acne scars. PRP therapy is one of the most popular procedures in the aesthetic industry because of its natural methods and exciting results.

PRP Hair Restoration – Platelet Rich Plasma is taken from your body and is specially prepared by spinning down the blood cells to a high concentration. The highly concentrated PRP is then injected into the scalp. PRP contains many growth factors that stimulate the hair follicle’s growth. Good candidates include those with heredity hair thinning, traction alopecia, desire to have thicker, fuller more gorgeous hair.

Evolve X Tite – Evolve Tite is an innovative non-invasive solution designed specifically to reduce the unsightly appearance of loose sagging skin. It is a quick and easy non-surgical alternative which will reshape your body.

Evolve X Tone – Evolve Tone is an innovative non-invasive solution designed specifically to increase muscle strength. It is a non-surgical procedure which will enhance the shape and tone of your body.

Evolve X Trim – Evolve Trim is an innovative non-invasive solution designed specifically to reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite. It is a quick and easy non-surgical alternative to liposuction which will reshape your body.

Evolve X Transform – Get it all with Evolve Transform, which is a combination of Tite, Tone, and Trim. Transform is an innovative hands-free procedure that builds and strengthens muscles, reducing fat, while also enhancing the appearance of your skin. This non-invasive treatment is a zero downtime alternative for sculpting and refining your body in the comfort of our office.

Botox/Dysport – Botox®/Dysport® are neurotoxins that work by blocking the nerve impulse that controls muscle movement, thereby temporarily restricting the ability to contract the facial muscles. Without movement of these selected muscles in the face, certain wrinkles can be softened, reduced, or even eliminated!

Dermal Fillers – As we age, we lose the volume, collagen, and elastin in our face. The tissues under the skin also start to thin. Dermal fillers can help restore lost volume and even stimulate collagen production by being injected beneath the surface of the skin.

IV Therapy – IV infusions are an efficient and effective way to deliver vitamins, nutrients, and hydration to the body. By adding these directly to the bloodstream and bypassing the stomach it allows the effects to be immediate.The benefits of IV therapy are endless, but some of the top benefits include:

  • Faster healing and recovery
  • Immune system support
  • Can promote weight loss
  • Can increase energy levels
  • Promote Relaxation

Semaglutide – Infinity is excited to now be offering Semaglutide injections to help promote weight loss. The combination of increased insulin produced by the pancreas and lowering the amount of glucagon made by the liver causes reduced hunger and increased energy levels, leading to weight loss.


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