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Infinity Health was founded on the mission to improve an individual’s quality of life through minimally-invasive regenerative medicine. Our goal with the use of regenerative medicine is that your body will heal itself in conjunction with this breakthrough medicine.

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Don’t wait, immediately change your quality of life today! Make an appointment to take advantage of this scientific innovation that harnesses the power of umbilical cord cells to stimulate regeneration within your body. Now covered by Medicare for those that qualify.

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How Regenerative Medicine Works

How Regenerative Medicine Works

Stem Cells are the “building blocks” of the human body. This is because they can regenerate organs and tissues, therefore using the body’s own cells to repair itself. Stem cells are harvested from human umbilical cord blood donated from healthy, consenting mothers, which contains an abundance of growth factors, proteins, and regenerative cells, including stem cells.

The cord blood is processed in such a way that all blood components associated with rejection are removed. When these growth factors, proteins, regenerative cells, and stem cells are injected into a damaged joint, they begin working to repair the source of pain.

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Regenerative medicine is a branch of medical science that develops techniques for restoring tissue and organs that have been damaged by age, disease and injury. These techniques include tissue engineering, development of artificial organs, and stem cell therapy. Some techniques leverage the body's own healing response to foster regeneration.

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To fully understand how regenerative medicine works, we must first understand what stem cells are and what they are capable of. Though stem cell therapy has only been used in the U.S. for the purposes of regenerative medicine for the past 5 years, stem cells have been used and studied with joint pain overseas for over 15 years. There is no shortage of research in this area, and the results are clear: Regenerative Medicine works.

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Now covered by Medicare for those that qualify!

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